Jure Triglav

Collaborative Technology + WebXR


10+ years of experience as a full-stack web developer. Building applications, libraries, and communities focused on online collaboration. Focusing on virtual and augmented reality projects that enable new modes of thinking and collaborative work. React, Three.js, Babylon.js, WebGL, JavaScript, WebXR, GraphQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, leading globally distributed open source projects, building communities, generating consensus, project & business management


Senior 3D Graphics Engineer, FRAME 2021–Present Building the technology supporting a web-based multiplayer environment, focusing on advanced 3D features (SDF text rendering, high resolution world terrain rendering, shader-based visual effects) and performance (profiling and optimizing using large scale bot tests, rendering optimizations) to support a product that is rapidly scaling. Sabbatical 2020–2021 Exploring the effects of virtual spaces on cognition. Three VR-focused solo projects:
  • Wooglies (read more — explores the state of online collaboration tech: multiplayer snapshot interpolation, reliable mesh WebRTC connections, positional audio, WebXR, audio reactivity).
  • Shaderworlds (read more — a growing collection of stunning fragment shaders, adapted for WebXR).
  • Aframe-blink-controls (read more — plug and play component providing teleportation with rotation and snap turning).
Lead Developer, Collaborative Knowledge Foundation 2015–2020 Started and maintained the foundation’s biggest software project (PubSweet — a framework for building publishing applications) and its community, both online/remotely and through regular in-person community meetings, where I facilitated technical discussions and generated consensus among diverse organizations. Engineer, PLOS 2014–2015, San Francisco Document conversion. Bringing scientific manuscripts to the web. Integrated metrics visualization using D3.js. CTO, Modra Jagoda 2011–2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia Co-founded a mobile app startup providing information to healthcare professionals. Head developer & managing a small technical team. The company continues to grow and now employs more than 60 people in 4 countries and serves medical information to 150,000 registered doctors in 8 countries. Software Engineer, Academia.edu 2012–2013, San Francisco Worked remotely and on-site as a full-stack (frontend, backend, sysops) software engineer in a small team (3–6 people), as the company grew from 700,000 to 4 million users.


Doctor of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 2004–2011

Business entity

Jure Triglav s.p., Ljubljana. VAT: SI61732923. 2014-now